I too just finished up working a rock camp. I agree with Dave’s sentiment that it is not the best place to get or stay in shape. We ended the course last night with a really good asado at the campo of Senora Sepulveda whose land we were climbing on for several weeks. The party lasted into the dark and the students and instructors all enjoyed the roasted sheep.

What does the future hold for Ibanez rock climbing? That is still to be determined. Hopefully someone will find a use for what we have put up over there. At the same time, I hope nobody uses it. It is the catch 22. The landscape will suffer. People will benefit. I leave the area with a heavy heart and many memories. The young children of the campo, constant companions in our camp, will be thought of fondly. I hope only the best for them. I will also think back fondly of the memories of the I-team. While I am saddened that Nate will not be joining us, I am excited for his new directions in life.

I look forward to the Turbio and the Pirate Valley. My head and gut fill with dread as I think about the prospect of traveling from Balmaceda, Chile to Bariloche, AR on my own. I speak about four words of spanish and this part of the expedition has always been my biggest fear. In the end I know I will be OK, but the prospect is daunting.

Tonight is comida y cervezas and a post course dinner. One thing at a time…