I am back in Coihaique for about 36 hours between rock climbing courses out in the Ibanez area.

Let it be known that at Ibanez, the rock is loose, many holds need glue or the route becomes 5.15a and the cracks are non existent. The technical, thin, balance intensive, stemmy movement is at times frustrating, challenging, and thought provoking, but never dull and most of the time fantastic. The exploratory nature of the rock camp is in keeping with my future objectives in the Rio Turbio area, although it couldn’t be more different. Rap bolted face climbs a short distance from a paved highway versus ground up ascents many klicks deep in the andes.

I am enjoying the physicality and difficulty of the Ibanez experience. Definitely a strength training ground.

As the days move by and the expedition inches closer, the anticipation starts to build…