After a few harried flights and connections and going through security three times, I finally landed in Balmaceda, Chile.  I arrived at the NOLS branch at 1030 and promptly enjoyed a day and a half of downtime before going on contract for a climbing camp.

As I sit in Coyhaique writing this I am focused on an immediate adventure, one that has my coworkers and I developing a climbing area for a course.  We are in the process of cleaning and establishing routes in the Rio Ibanez valley as well as scouting forays into the Avellano Towers region.  My co workers and I will be taking 13 students into this area in order to teach them how to rock climb.

I agree with Dave.  I can’t imagine planning an expedition without the modern conveniences.  I am quite glad that the planning of this expedition can happen with all the modern amenities.